Fast Growing Trees Nursery Website Review & Ratings + Fast Growing Trees Nursery Coupons
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Fast Growing Trees Nursery Website Review & Ratings + Fast Growing Trees Nursery Coupons

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Products & Services

Fast Growing Trees Nursery is the perfect place to shop for trees for the yard, patio, inside the home and for gifts. Fast Growing Trees Nursery sells patented trees that are generally stronger, more insect resistant, more disease resistant, more drought tolerant and bear more fruit and have more color than less expensive trees sold in most nurseries. Fast Growing Trees Nursery sells a huge variety of beautiful healthy trees, fruit plants, shrubs and hedges. Fast Growing Trees Nursery offers wholesale trees for large jobs and special memorial trees. In addition, Fast Growing Trees Nursery also sells tree care supplies like tree staking kits and fertilizer. 

Fast Growing Trees Nursery sells:

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Company Background

Fast Growing Trees Nursery is an American based business that was founded in 2003. Fast Growing Trees Nursery specializes in selling patented cloned timber trees that can be harvested in half the time and are far more robust that normal trees are. The President of  Fast Growing Trees Nursery is Mr. Robert Zboch. Fast Growing Trees Nursery is a very charitable company; it is a partner of Habitat for Humanity and has planted hundreds of thousands of fruit trees and fast growing shade trees in Haiti, Africa and other deforested areas. In 2012, Fast Growing Trees Nursery helped to replace trees in Missouri after it was struck with a serious tornado and donated 10 tons of rice for emergency famine relief.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery contact information:

  • Address: 4475 Morris Park Dr Ste J, Charlotte, NC 28227-8258
  • Phone: (888) 504-2001
  • Fax: (704) 644-4499
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer reviews and Facebook comments for Fast Growing Trees Nursery were more negative than positive; about 80% of the customer reviews and Facebook comments for Fast Growing Trees Nursery were negative and about 20% positive. 

Positive customer reviews commented on:

  • Good selection
  • Good quality trees

Negative customer reviews commented on:

  • Customer service was hard to reach and did not respond to email
  • Customer service was very unhelpful
  • Trees took weeks to arrive
  • One customer complained about ordering a potted tree, but receiving a bare roots tree
  • Trees not as good quality and healthy as expected
  • Expensive

Some customer reviews were:

"I placed three dogwoods back on April 23. Last week I called again, the customer service said that the order will be arrived on May 4. Today (May 3) I called again the customer service said it will be arrived next week on May 10. It is very long and I am so disappointed. I was trying to canceled but the customer service said that they will cut 25% of my purchase ..."

"Bought a magnolia last year for which I paid $79.99. It had one leaf all year, but I had high hopes for this year. Well, it now has about 6 leaves and much dead wood. Save your money and DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE ..."

"I ordered a tree ten days ago....shipping is supposed to be "immediate or within 6-9 days." My tree was supposed to be in stock. I have sent two emails and have gotten nothing but an automated response. Seems like a scam. I am attempting to cancel payment with my credit card."

"These guys are in cheating business. I bought 3 trees, and were told that they are potted ones, but once they arrived one of them were in bare root condition. I called them and asked for a refund(b/c I could have bought the same thing at a cheaper price elsewhere), but they simply apologized, and did not care."

"To avoid this mess… DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! Unless you do not mind giving someone money and waiting weeks and weeks for the actual tangible items to arrive. All you have to do to get the idea of the company dealings is to call one of their multiple number and listen to their message. Actually!!!

"Why isn't your customer service open when it's supposed to be?!?! It'd be nice to get our tree since you do have our money!!!"

"I sent a pm regarding my tree order that was placed in January earlier today. I have been trying to get through for several days now, sometimes being on hold for 40 minutes and I still have not gotten through to a person to respond to my question, so I'm pretty frustrated."

"We received our Cold Hardy Avocado this week and it's in wonderful health, with bright green new leaf growth. Can't wait to take pics of our first avocados and post them to the blog. Thank you!"

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Fast Growing Trees Nursery is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau; however they do have a BBB rating of "B-". Their BBB file was opened in 2005. Over the last three years, there has been 88 complaints filed against Fast Growing Trees Nursery with the Better Business Bureau; all the complaints have been closed to the Better Business Bureau’s satisfaction. The complaints filed against Fast Growing Trees Nursery were:

  • 12 complaints were due to advertising/sales Issues
  • 7 complaints were due to delivery issues
  • 6 complaints were due to guarantee/warranty Issues
  • 60 complaints were due to problems with product/service
  • 3 complaints were due to billing and collections.
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Fast Growing Trees Nursery website popularity:

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery has a worldwide Alexa traffic rating of 48,748 out of 30 million websites.
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery has a Compete rank of 4,414
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery has a Google pagerank of four out of ten.
  • The Fast Growing Trees Nursery site receives around 472,892 unique visitors monthly
  • About 96% of the visitors to the Fast Growing Trees Nursery site are American.
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Social Media Presence

Fast Growing Trees Nursery social media presence:

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery can be followed on Facebook; they have 6,651 likes on Facebook and have 459 people talking about them. Fast Growing Trees Nursery usually updates their Facebook page several times a week..
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery can be followed on Twitter; they have 353 followers on Twitter and have posted 503 tweets. Fast Growing Trees Nursery usually tweets several times a week.
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery offers an email mailing list that customers can sign up for to keep up to date with all their great sales and new products.
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery is on Pinterest; they have pinned 112 items
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery is on Google Plus
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery has a blog customers can follow
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Website Security & Safety

Fast Growing Trees Nursery is secured by GlobalSign and uses an industry standard SSL certificate to encrypt their customers’ private information to help keep it safe from identity theft. Google Safe Browsing lists the Fast Growing Trees Nursery site as "not suspicious" and states that no malicious software or suspicious content has been detected on it in the last ninety days.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Pricing & Packages

Fast Growing Trees Nursery offers very competitive prices on all their trees. In a price comparison of three trees, Fast Growing Trees Nursery was more expensive on two of the trees and less expensive on one of the trees than their leading online competitor was. 

Thuja Green Giant 6-7 feet

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery $192.95
  • Leading competitor: $145.31

Sawtooth Oak 2-3 feet

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery $44.95
  • Leading competitor: $33.99

Red Haven Peach 5-6 feet

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery $108.95
  • Leading competitor: $144.95
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Shipping Rates & Policies

Fast Growing Trees Nursery shipping rates and policies:

  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery only ships throughout the United States 
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery does not ship internationally.
  • Fast Growing Trees Nursery ships via FedEx 

Shipping rates:

  • Basic shipping rates range from $5.95 - $21.95 for orders under $99
  • Orders over $99 cost 17% of order cost for shipping
  • Some orders, due to their large size cost more for delivery
Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Payment Methods Accepted

Fast Growing Trees Nursery accepts most major credit cards and debit cards with a credit card symbol on them; they accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. Fast Growing Trees Nursery also accepts payment via the mail by check or money order. Fast Growing Trees Nursery does not accept PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Payments. 

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Fast Growing Trees Nursery return/refund policy:

Due to plants being perishable items, Fast Growing Trees Nursery generally does not give refunds; all sales are final. However, Fast Growing Trees Nursery may considered accepting a return in special circumstances. To make a return, customers are required to contact Fast Growing Trees Nursery to obtain a return authorization within two weeks of receipt, plus customers must pay all return shipping and processing charges, and pay a 25% restocking fee. Trees must be returned in live condition. 

Fast Growing Trees Nursery: Product images & screenshots
Fast Growing Trees Nursery Coupons
Best Available Fast Growing Trees Nursery Coupon:
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